Friday, May 5, 2006


The Book: The Sensation is Real

Parallel to the making of the performance Enter Ghost Nicole Beutler published the book The Sensation is Real. As independent artwork it was developed in close collaboration with typographer Connie Nijman. Connecting disciplines such as literature, philosophy, photography, theology and alchemy, it proposes a poetic journey through a personal archive of ghostly potential. Countless historical references to séances, spiritism and fairies stand alongside with thoughts on Noh theatre, as well as the Shakespearean proposals of the supernatural. On invitation of De Appel, Amsterdam, Nicole Beutler developed a hypnotic tour as an informal and performative presentation of the ideas that surround the book. This performance was adapted to the old office building of the Festival KAMMERmachen in Chemnitz and performed again with special guest DJ Alec Smart.

Concept/Choreography Nicole Beutler
With Hester van Hasselt, Sanja Mitrovic, Esther Snelder
Music Gary Shepherd

de Apple, Amsterdam, 2006.

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