Sunday, June 29, 2008


From the 23rd to the 28th of June 2008, INSTED organized another INSTED@ITs programme during the 19th edition of the ITs Festival in Amsterdam. All Dutch graduating theatre directors were presenting their performances in a special Directors Route in the ITs Festival. INSTED invited twenty Dutch and Flemish young directors and twenty young international directors to watch these performances and to participate in an active and intensive visitors programme.

The INSTED@ITs visitors programme was scheduled around the Directors Route of the ITs Festival and gave us the opportunity to meet, mingle, party and work with other young directors from different countries, but also with established Dutch directors and international programmers.

After great very inspiring time we had together and meeting many colleagues from all around Europe, in the summer 2008 INSTED asked 4 members to start a letter exchange about their preparation for their performances at the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and BITEF festival in Belgrade, Serbia; Philip Thorne were to exchange letters with Sanja Mitrovic and Øystein U. Brager with David Overend. You can read the letters here on Will You Ever Be Happy Again? blog, or find them on and on

The letters were also printed in little booklets Unique correspondence. Four young international directors exchange their experiences during the process of making a new theatre piece.