Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Advising and reseraching

I intensivly started my reasearch period for the new project that will be extended during my residency in Berlin, in April. Apart from that, I am advisor for the solo of Igor Drobac, a first-year project of Mime school as well as for the graduate performance directed by fourth year student of Mime department of the Theaterschool, Jan Barta, "Wacht Even!" which will be presented on the Playtime! and ITS! Festivals in Amsterdam.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Crisis in Fracati

In the frame of the monthly programme Crisis in Frascati, I was invited by Sarah Vanhee to give a concept which I still haven't realize to be read and sold during the evening called THE GREAT PUBLIC SALE OF UNREALIZED BUT BRILLIANT IDEAS. I sent her the concept about the big train accident show. Unfortunatelly, I couldn't be on the auction myself since I was performing Holland Tsunami the same evening in Ostade theatre (Babel festival), but the concept is sold.